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PayPal Donations. Click

When you are on the PayPal site - click the 'Send' on the top menu bar.

1. 'Their email or phone number', put in: jim.michelleward[at]
(due to spammers, remove the '[at]' and replace with '@')

2. Amount: put in your amount.
3. Click 'Continue'.
4. Click the 'Friends or family'. (No fee)
5. Log onto Paypal.
6. Follow the PayPal instructions.

eTransfer through your banking system.

Email: jim.michelleward[at] (due to spammers, remove the '[at]' and replace with '@')

Or... use phone number : 705-786-2226

THANK YOU from Valentia Farms and all the horses!

Please read: We would like to raise enough funds to build an indoor riding arena.

We save horses, rehabilitate them and use them for riding lessons ... the fees from these lessons pays for the care and upkeep of these animals. We operate purely on donations, volunteers and fees from riding lessons. We still don't have enough money. With an indoor arena we would be able to provide lessons throughout the year instead of just 3 months of the year due to bad weather. You can make a difference by donating to the cause. Just follow the link below. As little as $5.00 is enough to make a difference. We need to show that we care, after all, these animals are amongst some of the friendliest, loyal of all animals and... just like any other animal.. deserve the same love and caring we would give our pets.

Spread some Christmas Cheer any time of the year!!

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