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Rescued Animals

Thanks to Karren for all the photos!

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Alana Spirit    

Samantha and Alana
Summer 2016

This is the story of a rescue horse named Alana written by her owner Samantha who is 13 and has been volunteering at the farm for 8 years.

This is my off track thoroughbred Alana! She is an 11 year old thoroughbred that has been off the race track for 7 years. Jim and Michelle rescued her from the track when the track no longer wanted her and were going to send her for meat. I've been working with Alana for 3 years, but she finally became mine for Christmas last year. I've put weight on her and now we are winning ribbons from various jumper shows and are growing as a team!

Spirit and Karren

Miracles really do happen.


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